Michele Bachmann joins Egyptian protesters

Michele Bachmann and several groups of Egyptian protesters have found common ground in a fatuous subject: the apparent US quest to protect and empower the Muslim Brotherhood. In June, Michele Bachmann and four other Republican congressmen sent a letter to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, requesting an investigation into possible “influence operations” being carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood, and causing the American policy community to shift gears. Bachmann even went so far as to begin naming names, starting with Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, who ‘s served the Secretary of State for over fifteen years.  She went on to point fingers at Congressman Keith Ellison, who, along with John McCain and speaker John Boehner, came out in opposition to Bachmann’s strange new venture into McCarthyism.  Frank Gaffney, a Washington Times columnist and the President of the American Center for Security Policy claimed that Obama was speaking in code to ” Taliban headquarters, al Qaeda’s cave and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, informing them that America was prepared to adhere to sharia law. It stands to mention that Gaffney also believes in the Obama birther conspiracy. For more enlightened opinions: Gaffney’s youtube class on the Muslim Brotherhood in America,

Fearmonge A course in 10 parts


But the Republican right has found an odd bedfellow in Egyptian revolutionaries disappointed with the Presidential outcome in their country. Hillary Clinton alighted in Alexandria a few days ago, and was greeted with tomatoes, shoes and chants of “Monica, Monica”. They could have been angry because the US propped up the Mubarak regime for thirty years, or because the US supplies ever-declining amounts of foreign aid,  investing ever more heavily in the Egyptian military. But these were not the chants that developed. Instead, protesters camped outside her hotel accusing the US of helping the Brotherhood rise to power.

The US is not the UN, their goal is not world peace, foreign policy is self-interested.  It is no secret that the US has supported  dictatorships, even terrorist groups, when it has been in their best interest.  What is in America’s best interest currently is to maintain the status quo in Egypt. A secular and corrupt government allows the US to ensure that Iran is kept in line by a major Arab power, that the Gazan border remains “secured”, that the Camp David accords remain the same, and that their military contract remains… the same.  In other words things were just fine under Mubarak and it would be great if someone just like him took power and kept things…. well you get the point.  It is likely that Obama has contacted Mursi and tried to negotiate a deal to that effect, but the idea of the US installing the Muslim Brotherhood is about as likely as the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating the US government through  Huma Abedin.

Egyptian protesters have every right to be mad at the American government, but not for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, for continuing the policies that left them with a military running their country.


How the blues is boldly going where no man has gone before

Press play and then read.

Blind Willie Johnson wasn’t born blind;  while the truth can’t be verified, the story is he was blinded by his stepmother throwing lye in his face when he was seven.  As a kid his father would leave him on street corners to sing for money, a harbinger of what was to come. He spent his short life singing and preaching in the streets of Texas until 1945 when the house he was living in burnt down.  Penniless, he remained living in the ruins of home, sleeping on a wet mattress, until he succumbed to malarial fever and died at the age of 48.  His wife later claimed that she had tried to bring him to the hospital the day he died, but they had refused to admit a black man.

In 1977 NASA launched a space probe, Voyager 1, to explore the outer solar system and the interstellar medium, the area between star systems. It carries aboard it scientific equipment to relay information and images back to Earth, as well as a gold plated LP, added so that should the probe encounter intelligent life-forms from other planetary systems, or even future humans, they might grasp some semblance of who we were as species.  On that record is the voice of the US President and UN Secretary General, certain sounds (waves crashing, babies crying) and music: Beethoven, Mozart, Stravinsky and Blind Willie Johnson. As of today the probe has been in operation for 34 years, and is over 18 billion km from the sun, making its way out of the heliosheath, which is the outermost layer of the heliosphere.

We don’t even know where Blind Willie Johnson is buried, such was his importance in his time, but he is about to be the first thing to leave our solar system.